Ashes to Ashes
A one A4 size page print about the life and times of David Bowie
ASHES to ASHES on.docx
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Rejoinders - First Person ( of 2 )
What are ' Rejoinders ' ? Well ,.. Really ? Oh, no ! I see .. Great ! etc. This is a class suggestion . It has has worked for me . Note : You really need the first and second person files .
REJOINERS First Person.docx
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Rejoinders - Second Person ( of 2 )
This is a print I suggest the second person of a pair have .
REJOINERS 2nd Person.docx
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Follow-up questions
Advice / tips on means to continue a conversation with a foreigner . I have made use of this print in a number of classes .
FOLLOW-UP Q's.docx
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The pet rock craze
An A4 page on the pet rock and its creator , who died in March 2015 . More suitable for senior students .
The Pet Rock.docx
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Situational English
This is a test I give students after having gone through the ' Talking to Foreigners ' , and associated worksheets .
The situation - Test Conv..docx
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The letter ' h '
One A4 size page to assist those still learning the alphabet .
H h my kidz Eng. print.docx
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The letter ' c '
An A4 size page print to help those early learners of the alphabet .
C c.docx
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